Essential Oils for Cholesterol and Their Uncontested Benefits

The essential oils for cholesterol are just as important for getting rid of this unwanted composite as changing your eating habits, reducing your weight or changing your lifestyle is. It is a complex problem, which affects the entire body, and a massive change in your life is required if you are diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol.

It is impossible to attain results only with essential oils, but completing your changes with the benefits of those will surely be helpful. Especially since nature gave us everything we need to fight this problem.

Essential oils are your first weapons against cholesterol, but if your problems are getting worse and you don’t make the changes required in your diet and habits, they will be ineffective. Consult your doctor if you feel unwell or if you think natural remedies don’t give the expected results.

Essential oils for cholesterol can be diluted in tea or foods, but they should not replace medical care. However, you will surely find some positive results in your next sets of analysis if you consider essential oils as a part of your treatment.

What is cholesterol and what kinds of essential oils are beneficial for reducing it?

Cholesterol is an organic molecule with an important role in metabolism. Without it, the organism can’t function properly. It is one of the most debated health problems in the world, especially since the obesity percentage in the modern population have raised dramatically.

When you mention ‘cholesterol’, many people think that you are talking about a bad thing for your health. This is not exactly right. Cholesterol is made by the liver by transforming the nutrients into fat, as a result of consuming animal products. There are two types of cholesterol, LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein). LDL is the useful one for normal functioning of the metabolism. LDL is the result of stress, lack of exercise, overweight, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. The increased level of cholesterol in blood is not pleasant and has irreparable effects on the body. However, as it is the product of our own habits, we have control over it.

Even if there are essential oils for cholesterol, changing your life habits is just as important

How to find essential oils for cholesterol

Green tea, olive oil, and lemongrass are generally recommended as they have good effects in reducing the bad cholesterol. Those plants are good in a healthy diet for preventing and treating cholesterol problems. Therefore, the essential oils extracted from those are beneficial as well.

Green tea is your cup of health, as it reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. It increases the HDL, the good cholesterol, increasing the immunity and helping the organism to detoxify. The green tea essential oil is an alternative, if you don’t like the taste of green tea.

The Essential oil made of olive tree leaves reduces the arterial tension and the amount of cholesterol, protecting the blood vessels.

Lemongrass essential oil is maybe the most effective natural treatment for cholesterol. It is a plant originating from Southeast Asia, but it is also grown in other parts of the world. The oil made of this plant is appreciated for its special properties and for its beneficial effect on all the systems of the organism. This oil normalizes digestion and increases the resistance of blood vessels. 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil in a cup of tea is the perfect remedy for your cholesterol. Lemongrass essential oil is not toxic, but it is not recommended for children under 3 years old, people suffering from epilepsy, or to breastfeeding or pregnant women. Because of its strong composition, the oil may irritate the skin or the vocal chords (if taken internally).

Essential Oils for Cholesterol

Best Manufacturers of essential oils for cholesterol

Even if family small businesses making essential oils is the trend today, there are also some well-known companies offering natural solutions for cholesterol. Amongst them, doTERRA and Young Living are distinguished especially through the good reviews of people using their products.

 doTERRA essential oils for high cholesterol

doTERRA is a traditional name, when it comes to essential oils. Those are obtained only through natural methods. The plants are always grown in optimal solutions, facilitating the formation of active substances, which offer their quality. They are carefully harvested at the optimal time by indigenous farmers, and the oils are carefully extracted by cold pressing. This is why doTERRA essential oils for cholesterol combined or taken alone have given results to thousands of people.

Essential oils for high cholesterol young living

Young Living is a reputed American manufacturer of essential oils. It started as a family business making oils in their backyard. They started with a small gamma of products but became maybe the most reputed manufacturer of natural cold pressed oils in the world. Even if they don’t manufacture a specific oil to fight cholesterol, combinations of Young Living Essential oils are beneficial as a prevention and treatment method.

NingXia Red is a sugar-free essential oil for cholesterol from Young Living. It is made of wolfberry, a traditional treatment for cholesterol in China. It works by boosting the response of the body to insulin and other cholesterol remedies, protecting the body from the harmful effect of free radicals. The combination of wolfberry with other plants gives perfect oil for cholesterol level regulation, increasing your mood at the same time.

Other base and essential oils for high cholesterol

Before talking about essential oils for cholesterol, we must talk about the base (a vegetable oil in large quantities – usually 1:10 ratio of essential oil to base oil). If you are looking to lower cholesterol, it is normal to consider the diluting oil as well.

Olive oil has been proven for centuries as being beneficial against cholesterol. It is an excellent source of mono-saturated fats, preventing the raise of LDL (bad cholesterol). The recommended dose of olive oil is 3-4 teaspoons a day, especially in salads. It reduces the chances of being diagnosed with high cholesterol, and the risks of heart failure. A qualitative olive oil has a concentration of fat acids under 0.8%. Therefore, it is the perfect replacement for the normal oil for people suffering from increased cholesterol and as a base for essential oils.

Here is the list of best base oils:

  1. Celandine is the ally of the people enjoying steaks and fats often. However, it is important to sustain the normal functioning of the digestive system after those rich meals, especially the one of the liver.

Celandine essential oil

  1. Dandelion essential oil has depurative, laxative, and diuretic properties, cleaning the organism of toxins and preventing the cholesterol from depositing on the blood vessels. It helps the metabolizing process of animal products into good cholesterol. Put 5 drops in your favorite tea for best effects.

Dandelion essential oil

  1. Artichoke is a good medicinal plant for the liver, as it eliminates the accumulation of fats. It helps the assimilation of good fats in general, but also of carbohydrates, and lipids. It helps the assimilation of animal products for the liver, preventing the fat from depositing on blood vessels.

Artichoke for cholesterol

  1. Hemp essential oil comes with the ideal ratio of 3:1 between essential fatty acids 6 and 3, vital for increasing the resistance of blood vessels. One teaspoon of hemp oil reduces the level of cholesterol and prevents the cardiovascular diseases.

Hemp essential oil

  1. Linseed essential oil comes with a rich content of Omega 3, linoleic fatty acids (linoleic acid, isopropyl linoleic, and oleic). Besides reducing the level of bad cholesterol, it has calming effects for the digestive system, protecting the heart and reducing the arterial tension at the same time.

Linseed essential oil

Cholesterol is mainly a problem of the heart, so the essential oils used for improving the heart condition are what you need to reduce it. They can be infused or inhaled; you can make lotions and mixes of vegetable and essential oils to grease the chest in the area of the heart.

For inhaling, you can use diffusers or candles. Don’t stay too close to the oil while it burns. Stay in the room and make sure you turn the burner off after 20 minutes. The discrete pleasant smell in the room means you are inhaling pure health for your heart. It was scientifically proven that inhaling essential oils for at most one hour a day decreases the cardiac rhythm and the arterial pressure. Inhaling for more than one hour may give adverse effects!

Essential oils for cholesterol is a complicated but effective treatment. Their aim is to improve the general state of the body and to give one the will to make a major change in their lifestyle. Even if they can’t replace medical treatment completely, they can help more than those sometimes.

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