Top 7 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils For You Love Life, Increase Sex Drive, Romance And Libido

Its date night. Dinner, a movie, a walk in the park. Then back home, again. At last. An embrace…a deep kiss…a caress…essential oils. Wait? What? Essential oils? Sex? That’s not a thing. At first glance, the idea of essential oils for romance might not make sense. But, don’t be fooled. Sexual oils have been around for years, turning people on and enhancing the bedroom experience.

Think about it

Essential oils can enhance our lives in so many areas, why not this one? This most precious area of all? Including essential oils in your sex life will greatly improve it. If it’s already great? Essential oil for sexuality will take it over the top. We’re talking fireworks. Essential oils for arousal, oils to increase libido, essential oils for aphrodisiac purposes: it all works. If you’re having sexual struggles, essential oils can provide healing while turning you on. There are essential oils for erectile dysfunction, essential oils for female libido and much more. Let’s discuss how it all works. Then, we’ll get to which oils are the best essential oils for sexuality and how to use them.

It starts with your nose

It starts with your nose

Our bodies are often smarter than we are. Anyone familiar with aromatherapy and essential oils probably knows that already. Our bodies give us signs when we’re about to be ill. Our intuition can help us avoid bad situations. If we give in to our senses, we can even enhance our day-to-day life experiences. What does that mean? That means that even if sex is already good, by listening to your senses it can be so much better.

Arousal can start in the nose. It’s strange to think that our sense of smell can affect us down below, but it can. What we smell bypasses our homo erectus brain and heads straight for our monkey brain. That’s the animalistic part of us. It’s called the Limbic part of the brain. It’s all emotions and mood-swings. The part of us that houses our “fight-or-flight” reflexes and the other things that protect us that we can’t explain. Things we can’t turn on or off.

Ever heard of pheromones? Do you have that one person who just does it for you even though you don’t know why? Pheromones are small molecules that plants, people, and insects give off. They normally indicate fertility and have a lot to do with attraction. Since ancient times, there has been a desire to bottle them up because their effect is that strong. While that’s unlikely to occur in any real sense, it points to the fact that our sense of smell has always been tangled up with our sexuality. The fragrance has a way of transporting us, back through memory, space and time. It inflames our imaginations and desires. Plus, it’s not all mental. Smelling the right essential oil has an actual physical effect on us: it causes our neurotransmitters to start humming, setting everything in motion.

Use your hands

essential oils for libido


One of the best ways to utilize sexual essential oils is by getting your hands involved. There is nothing like a warm, sensual massage to get the blood pumping. You’ll want to use a good quality carrier oil when you’re using essential oils for sexuality. You’ll also want to consult with your loved one. Are there any fragrances they absolutely don’t like? Allergies or sensitivities? One of the most important steps in intimacy is listening–and this is a perfect time to start.

Essential oil for love (or essential oil for sex) can start with just touch. Prepare a space. One free of outside distractions. If you’d like, play some light, soothing music that you’ll both enjoy. Ignite some candles to create that soft amber glow. The room should be a little warm.

The fragrance of the scents will be more vibrant in a warmer atmosphere

 For Her: Essential Oils for Love


Take your time and slowly massage the oils into her skin. Go gently and try to listen—really listen—to her body. This isn’t the time for your best Swedish deep tissue massage. It’s the time for you to try to really hear her and feel her. This is the power of essential oils. Female arousal is not an on-and-off switch situation. Using this time with the gentle massage and the essential oils to enhance sexuality will make the experience a lot richer.

For Him: Sensual Essential Oil Blend


  • 2 tsp grapeseed oil
  • 2 drops sandalwood EO
  • 2 drops neroli EO
  • 1 drop cinnamon EO (cinnamon, aphrodisiac)

A massage would be perfect for him. A bath might be an even better option. You can join him in it—just omit the carrier oil and place the drops of essential oil directly in the steaming water. A full soak of about twenty minutes or so will get him nice and limber. It will also give the essential oils enough time to take effect.


Essential oil blend to boost low libido

  • Cinnamon 3 drops
  • Lavender oil 3 drops
  • Patchouli oil 3 drops
  • Carrier oil 8 drops

Gently massage this blend on the insides of the thighs, and work it upwards, building the theme. The fragrance and oils will make your partner feel aroused and boost her libido.

Best areas to use arousal oils

Best areas to use arousal oils

Well, G points and arousal points can be different for every person. But the best place to start and build the tempo is through the shoulders, thighs and inner thighs, feet, and collar bone. Massage the oils gently, deeply and slowly.

  • Essential oils are usually quite bitter, so it’s better to have a bath before you indulge in long, long, long love-making night.
  • Essential oils also work as Viagra if used properly.
  • 2 drops of rose oil massaged on male parts can double the time.
  • If you are facing erectile dysfunction, use grapeseed oil and massage it three times a week to correct the dysfunction.
  • Women with low libido can use Lavender oil on the insides of thighs and massage it to boost libido.

Top essential oils

Top essential oils for romance

While there are countless essential oils that can be used in the bedroom, some really stick out for their potency and they are worth mentioning separately:



Rose essential oil for romance

You almost cannot talk about love and sex without mentioning the rose. First, the rose blossom has come to represent everything that we revere when it comes to affection and desire. The rose has one of the most powerful essential oils. Female libido is enhanced by it because it’s basically an essential oil aphrodisiac. Rose oil works wonders for getting you in the right mindset, lifting depressive states and strengthening confidence—which can come in handy in the bedroom. It even increases semen count in men for couples that are trying to conceive. Additionally, it has a positive hormonal effect on women.

It is also incredible for women who are going through menopause. Women of all ages can use this oil for better performance. It is also known as women’s Viagra.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang essential oil for romance


The name means “flower of flowers” in the Malayan language. This powerhouse of an essential oil is not only an aphrodisiac oil, it is powerful on the limbic system. It mellows out emotional overreactions. (It is even used in times of grief.) Additionally, it can slow the heart rate and support respiration. Depending on how hot and heavy things get in the bedroom, this one might come in handy. If you like wild sex and cannot control your urges and balance your acts, then this powerhouse oil can keep you normal and balanced.

Clary sage

Clary sage essential oil for romance


This fresh smelling oil is known for supporting creativity. That’s something there can never be a shortage of in the bedroom. That fact alone could possibly boost clary sage to the top of the list of aphrodisiac oils. Besides listening to your partner, the next best thing is to try new things together. That takes creativity. Clary sage also gives you that feeling of well-being that makes new things feel less scary. It can even promote feelings of euphoria.


Neroli essential oil for romance


Neroli (commonly known as orange blossom) is one of the most compelling fragrances ever. It is a noted essential oils aphrodisiac of lore. The reason why is obvious: the fragrance is alluring and heady. Brides even wear it on their wedding day in Italy. It has a calming effect that goes along with its aphrodisiac essential oil properties. It keeps you calm in nervous situations. You can use it for sex or just to hide anxiety and curiosity. It is the best oil to wear on dates and date nights.


Sandalwood essential oil for romance


Sandalwood, a powdery, masculine scent that is equally at home in sacred settings as it is in high-end colognes and perfumes. It works wonders for the sexuality, stoking the fires of passion. It’s a fantastic option for folks who aren’t crazy about floral scents. It’s a surefire way to rev up the libido with a woody, warming scent that is at once disarming and distinctive. Excellent mixed with just one other oil and used as a massage oil for the man in your life. It is really earthy and masculine, you can try this on your partner to drive him crazy.


Jasmine essential oil for romance


Floral and light, this oil is useful for getting you in the mood. It combats fatigue, both of the mind and body. In the mind, it can dispel dark thoughts and help change your mood. In the body, it acts directly on the nervous system, calming you down and promoting optimism. This comes in handy in the bedroom while making love. For some folks, fear of performance or adequacy can be an issue. A little bit of jasmine oil, along with a mild carrier oil makes a useful oil for a head massage and an entree into a more relaxed intimate encounter. Definitely crafted to capture women and their essence. Use it on her and you will be surprised by the results.


Cinnamon essential oil for romance


Cinnamon, the common house spice, is elevated as an essential oil. Those same elements of woody, earthy hominess are present in the oil, but much more manageable in this form. Use this element to enhance your sensuality. It works wonders for the skin. It also promotes good circulation. Try a few drops of it with jojoba for a loving foot massage. It also promotes energy, which means it’ll help keep you going all night long.

Essential oils are powerful and at the same time quite delicate. Consultation with someone knowledgeable will result in a more rewarding experience. Important topics, such as which oils can be used on genitals, and which can be ingested.

If you are introducing it to your partner for the first time, it is recommended that you diffuse these oils before applying. Always do a patch test. Many times, skin is sensitive to the strong blend or he or she might be allergic to some oils.

Sex, love, sex, essential oils for romance, sex, and more sex. Sex and relationships are wonderful things. That goes without saying. It’s amazing the holistic, healing touch of essential oils can bring to human sexuality. Don’t be afraid to bring fragrance into your bedroom. Explore a new kind of essential oil sexuality. It will certainly open up a whole new world of experience for you.

Ask, plan and test oils before planning an elaborate night.

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  1. Great article! Thanks.From what I’ve tried so far, rose oil is the best!

  2. Do you think I can use the oils if I have candida infection?

    • Firstly, you should consult your doctor about it, it all depends on how severe your condition is. It might actually help with the infection, since oils have lots of healing properties.

  3. If I am taking some prescribed medication, is that ok to use oils for massage?

    • Well, it should be fine, but just in case, consult your doctor, since I dont know what kind of medication you are taking.

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