Essential Oil Workshops

When you get to know the subject in every detail like I have myself, some of the tricky points become obvious. It took me sometime to understand that for some people the basics might be a subject to numerous questions. People would repeatedly ask me questions about specificity of certain oils, safety concerns, best brands of oils and countless others.

So, one day I decided it was time to develop my own workshops program.

Currently, I have a program for people who are new to essential oils. This workshop will answer each and every of your questions, you’ll have an opportunity to try rare oils, learn about their healing properties, find out which oils suit your better, how to choose only natural oils, how to make your own personal blend and loads of other fun stuff.

  • The workshop lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • The maximum amount of participants is 20 (I want to give attention to every person)
  • It costs $30 per person
  • Participation will guarantee you a small gift
  • You can choose a place to hold the workshop. We come to you!


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